Sometimes you have an idea for a piece of jewellery but you have no means of converting it into reality. It doesn’t matter why… the essential thing is the outline of your vision. The starting point could be a gemstone that you have but you don’t know how to use it. Let’s meet and discuss it. I work by hand after discussing preferable forms, style, materials and expectations with you.

Together we can design an engagement ring, earrings that match a particular outfit, a necklace featuring an item you brought from your travels or cufflinks for a diving fan. When it comes to design, there are only technical limitations. If you choose to have your design brought to life, the design won’t cost you a penny.

Old jewellery speaks to me. Stories written in damaged jewellery elements and gemstones are my cup of tea. I’ve been doing jewellery restorations and repairs for years – and I don’t mean only great-grandmother kind of jewellery, but also your own jewellery that has been through a lot. It doesn’t matter whether it is from the Art Nouveau period, pre-war years or the 1980s. If you want to breathe new life into your treasures, visit my workshop.

Services: restoration, cleaning, adding missing elements, gemstone placement, shortening, lengthening, resizing, reconnecting broken elements, recreating missing elements…





Now, this is something to talk about! No sweat, just pop by for a visit in Kępna Street. We’ll talk man to man. About the budget, deadline, colour preferences and finger size of your significant other.

I provide advice, support and I assure you – she’ll be delighted!

I always start with a design and a gem. Diamond*, emerald, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite are classics, but I won’t budge if you come up with something else.

*the jewellery is accompanied by a certificate: clarity, colour, weight, cut

I like it when wedding rings have a story to tell. They say something about your relationship. They’re supposed to be YOURS. Plus they should be comfortable and have high quality. After all, they are meant to stay with you for the next few dozen years. Usually at this stage you don’t think about it, but as the years go by, some rings may require resizing. I keep that in mind.

In my workshop you can see 99 original wedding ring ideas. I consider them a starting point for modifications in line with your preferences. We can also make something from scratch if you want to make it more personal. We can do whatever you want.

I can also make wedding rings out of your gold.

Keywords: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium-plated gold

maintenance, engraving, lifetime warranty, with gemstones, without gemstones, maybe coated with enamel?

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